Free Super VPN for Android Review

Super VPN Free VPN client is touted to be a safe, smart and convenient option for the Android users to surf the web while connected to a public Wi-Fi. Moreover, it promises to break the local barriers on online freedom, providing users with unrestricted access to the internet, including sites and content that they may not be permitted to view otherwise, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. On the very first use of the app, the intention of the developer becomes very clear; deliver a free, fast, secure, anonymous and reliable VPN service to its customers.

Does it succeed in accomplishing this noble goal and earn its place on the list of best Android VPN apps of 2016? Let’s have a look at Super VPN free review to get details of its various features to know the answer to that.

Free Super VPN: Data Encryption

Super VPN free does a great job of securing data by covering it in a thick protective layer of 128-bit encryption using the encryption. Everything from your bank account details and credit card information to the passwords of your social networking accounts will be safe from hackers and snoops. There is hardly any need to think twice before connecting to the public Wi-Fi at your favorite coffee shop or while waiting for your flight at the airport.

Data Logging Policy

The app doesn’t seem to carry any dark secret pertaining to the fate of the user information it collects and retains for a period of five days. The developer accepts in the privacy policy that it only logs the login time and bandwidth usage details, but that too for the sole purpose of server maintenance. This non-personally identifiable information isn’t handed over to anyone, including the men in black.


Unlimited speed and unlimited bandwidth, that is pretty much all there is to know. SuperVPN clearly understands this most basic demand of Internet users, which is why it makes it a point to deliver it. The app doesn’t take a significant toll on your Internet speed, making it possible for you to stream HD movies, make unlimited VOIP calls, download huge files, and much more. If you use a data plan with a narrow limit, chances are you’ll be hitting it much sooner than you expect to do so.

Installation Process

The installation process for Super VPN on Android is fairly simple, though those unfamiliar with Play Store may find themselves struggling a bit initially. Fortunately, the app comes with pre-configured settings, saving you from what could have been a real headache.

Server Location

Super VPN free has servers in many countries. The list includes France, United States, Germany, Canada, Japan and England. The last two locations are only available once you’ve upgraded to the VIP version though. With such a vast collection of server locations and offering the ability to change virtual location, the VPN service makes it extremely convenient for you to access geographically restricted services and content. It also enables you to unlock services that may be blocked on your network, e.g. Facebook or YouTube.

Provider Profile

SuperVPN is developed by SuperSoft Tech, a relatively newer entrant into the VPN space that has already begun to make its mark. With over five million downloads of the app, the developer has rapidly grown in reputation, becoming a reliable provider of online security, anonymity and freedom.

Customer Support

SuperVPN lacks a strong customer support system. All you get is support through its website, where you drop your query and then patiently wait for it to get answered.


As the name suggests, SuperVPN Free VPN Client is TOTALLY FREE. You get to enjoy a free trail that expires after 20 days. Why is that not such a big deal you ask? You still get to use the app for 60 minutes each session. If a session ends, all you need to do is reconnect to start another session, after which you can use the app for only 60 minutes each session. You’d be asked to upgrade to the VIP version to remove the time limit and ads, as well as enjoy premium traffic. To upgrade, the app will ask you to install a payment app. From what we’ve noticed, there is something seriously fishy about this payment app. Do yourself a favor and stick to the free version.

SuperVPN is a great choice of VPN app as it offers pretty much everything that an app of its kind has to offer, and that too for free. There is definitely some room for improvement, particularly in the customer support department. The option to upgrade to the VIP version also needs to be looked at. All in all, it’s a reliable solution for the Android platform.

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