: A new Social Network for making friends ?

Let just get straight to what it does and how it be useful to you. The service named as friendly is a paulo alto based startup claiming they be making “making friends” online an easier process. well and i felt they do what they claim. the service evolves around a lot of data obtained from facebook, q&a, networks and badges. its kwel. i loved it. is the cool new social networking which makes “making friends” online easier and fun . Filled with rich features like facebook integration, levels and badges this site is quite entertaining

the basic idea is it keeps asking you questions and the answers posted be available for other members. you can enable posting those to your fb profile as well. there are levels, and badges as well. only thing i didn’t like about it was the badges don’t look as glossy as foursquare or gowalla. the design is a two column layout with multiple boxes as of gowalla. no themes is available. there is also option to say your opinion about other people answers. with a single click of button you can mark an answer as smart, cool, i did like that too etc. also it replicates the feature of asking question to users.

one of the other feature is pages, the data is imported from facebook and friendly forms a lot of questions by the format. why do you like the “page name” ? . well now this service have reasonable user base and am sure you will enjoy it if you use it. the sign up is so simple, due to the facebook integration and have fun. write back you comments .

the team behind friendly.

you can check out the site by

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