Friendspace Android App Review

Friendspace – Android app review

Friendspace Android App by tomatotree is an a new way to look at your sweet reminiscence. It is not like many Autograph apps out there, Friendspace has its own new and fantastic approach. I love the design of this app. first of all, I know that there are many apps out there that you do not like, the flat design trend, but I do. It’s clean, minimal, and best of all, intuitive. Friendspace makes use of colors, so it’s even easier to use. However, don’t let the simple looks deceive you — Friendspace is quite powerful.
When you download the app, you will be greeted with a brief Video tutorial that will show you the basics of the app. The tutorial can help you to get a good knowhow about the application. It’s really good looking and charming. As I mentioned earlier it an autograph app intended to preserve our memories and keep your friend in touch.The team tomatotree has offered lots of functionalities in this App like You can take and add live photograph of the person who is writing the autograph, Special message to the special person, User can mail your credentials to the mail id (At the time of registration).I would like to say something about the easiness while handling the app, Friendspace swiftly opened when I press on the logo and it shows a dialogue box to register my user id and password, I put the credentials and it asked to send the credentials to my mail id.Its really an excellent feature to protect our Secret credentials being confidential.
I found an awesome feature that is we can make secret personal messages to every special persons like lovers ,Soul mates etc. That will pop up when they have been completed your autograph. Friendspace available in both free and paid versions, the paid version will cost you $1 and it worth buying it. You can run this app in any android device varying from Android 2.3 (ginger bread) to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).
Key features of Friendspace:

*E – autograph facility
*Friendship rating bar
*Live friend Image snapper & image viewer
*Personalized Surprise Messages
*Birthday collection
*Friendspace summery reports (PRO only)
*Advanced e-mail backup facility (PRO only)