Future Antivirus to Catch Malware without Needing an Update

Malware has been a nuisance ever since it was brought to life. The users have to install antivirus on regular basis, and then they have to sit through the long updates just so that their devices can stay safe. The users who don’t have internet access all the time cannot update regularly, which makes them an easy target for the malicious attackers. Nobody likes the regular updates even if they have access to fast internet, but with antivirus, the users have to bear them. However, it seems that the future will change things as there are reports coming in about future antivirus being able to get hold of even the trickiest malware without needing the updates at all.

The Future is Now

A large number of researchers have been working on creating some new algorithms that will allow antivirus to detect malware even when it’s not fully updated. One team, however, claims to have done it already. Calling itself Deep Instinct, the Israel-based startup has been working on an antivirus which has the ability to spot the fresh malware with 20% higher accuracy than the other software. These claims are still unverified though as they have not yet been put to test. The developers stated that their antivirus is still in early stages of development, so it might be quite a while before we are actually able to get our hands on it.

How Will it Work?

Not a lot has been said about this work-in-progress project, but some outlets have claimed that the idea that Deep Instinct is working on is not that different from what the researchers at Microsoft and Invincea have been trying to achieve for quite some time. However, we can’t say anything with certainty unless we get our hands on the supposedly super-smart antivirus.

It Will Solve a Huge Problem

Malware has become a huge issue, and the worst part is that even the security companies aren’t safe anymore. In just last few months, we have witnessed a number of malware attacks on intelligence agencies, big corporations, a dating site, and a lot more. Hackers have certainly got out of hand and it’s all because of that brief window that occurs whenever a new malware is released on the web. Although antivirus comes up with the updates as soon as they can, but just in that small window, the damage is done. This issue has been worked on for quite a while as the developers have been trying to come up with an algorithm that will eliminate this small window and will allow its software to catch the malware without being updated. However, there has been no fundamental success in this endeavor. The team at Deep Instinct seems pretty confident about their project and has made some big claims. Will they be able to keep their word and deliver something groundbreaking? We will just have to wait to see.