Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Started Emitting Smoke, Forced a Plane Evac

Things just aren’t looking up for Galaxy Note 7. First, it starts exploding, then the problem of overheating and battery drainage occurs, and now one of these devices started to emit smoke on an airplane.

The plane was ready for departure but after the Note 7 started emitting smoke, everyone had to evacuate and flight was delayed.

The passenger carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was named Brian Green and he told press that as soon as his device started to emit smoke, he just threw it on the ground which caused smoke to spread even more. Pilots and other crew were made aware of the issue, and they thought that the best course of action in that situation was to evacuate everyone.

Note 7 has been a complete disasters since its launch, it seemed that things would get better after worldwide recall, but nothing has changed really. The exploding issue has just been replaced by a bunch of others, which is not a good thing at all. At this point, we would suggest going for any other device because in its current state Note 7 isn’t a safe device.