Generate Creative Timeline Covers for your Facebook Profile using YourTimelineCovers

Generate Creative Timeline Covers for your Facebook Profile using YourTimelineCovers


Makes you feel like you want to try out the creativity that you just saw above? Its not that hard anymore with YourTimelineCovers. Its easy as 1-2-3 and your own photo will make up creativity on your profile. All you would need is a good picture of yours and the site will do the rest for you.Its time for you to show magic on your profile to standup from your friends who would never take a try for “thinking out of box”.

How to do :

1) Surf to Yourtimelinecovers. This is what you will see. Make Creative Covers for your Facebook Profile


2) Click “Get Started” if you want to create your own unique cover. You can covers that other users generated moving on a slider, and a click will get you to the page. You can also see the Gallery page, if you want it that way.

3) Click the login button at the bottom in the page that you get after clicking the “Get Started” button.

4. Facebook will request permission from you, and its safe and secure to allow the access.

New facebook timeline cover generator request page

Request for Permission facebook page for Facebook cover design generator

5) You will be taken back to the site where you can upload your crazy picture.

6) Once upload is done, You can get a popup screen where you can select the portion to be cropped.

7) Click Crop, and you can see your profile preview. To verify you are a human, and to prevent bots from using the site bandwidth, there is a simple survey, which will just take less than a minute.

8) Complete it, and click the Submit button. Your pictures will be uploaded to Facebook. You will be taken to a page where you can set the profile picture.

9) Change the cover from your profile home page by selecting pictures from your albums.

10) You look gold now. Yeah, like this, or even better.

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