How to Get iOS Apps on Android

A ton of brilliantly crafted apps are available exclusively for iOS, and being an Android user, you would also wish to have them on your phone. However, you are not going to get an Apple device just because of them. Luckily, now android users can run all of those exclusive iOS apps on their devices with the help of emulators. At the moment, there are only two reliable emulators available in the market – Cider and iEMU Emulator. How to get them and how to make them work on your Android smartphone has been explained below.

Cider Emulator

Firstly, you will need Cider Emulator’s APK file, which you can download from here. After installing this app into your phone, you will be able to run every iOS app on your Android smartphone.

Cider Emulator is the best choice amongst the two and is highly recommended by the users. It has been doing its job rather perfectly for quite some time, and the likelihood is that it won’t bother you much either.

As soon as it’s installed on your device, open it to access Apple’s App Store, download apps of your liking, and run them through the emulator whenever you want.

Cider Emulator is pretty easy to understand, but if you are still having trouble, then you can consult the following video, in which everything is explained in detail.

iEMU Emulator

If for some reason, Cider Emulator doesn’t work for you, then you can try out iEMU Emulator. Once again, you will need APK file first, which you can download from here. Transfer the APK file into your smartphone and install the app.

When the app is successfully installed, then you can download and run all of iOS exclusive apps on your Android device with ease.

Both of these emulators have been in the game for a long time and have been working quite proficiently. If you are an avid Android user and still want some of the iOS exclusive apps, then this is the best solution.

If you want to make your Android interface look like iOS, then you should consult this guide.

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