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This is How You Can Get PS4 Jailbreak

PlayStation by Sony provides an ultimate gaming experience to the game lovers. The new PlayStation 4 or more commonly known as PS4 console, equipped with a light and slim console, contains 1TB of hard drive. Users can enjoy the greatest games, TV, music, and much more on PS4.

Normally, only PS4 licensed software can be used on the gaming console because the company has put some hardware restrictions, not allowing you to run homebrew games and applications on it So if you own the new PS4 and want to enjoy a whole wide range of possibilities that includes running games on the console without a disc, using game mods and running homebrew applications, then the best way solution would be getting a PS4 jailbreak.

Before you learn how to get the PS4 jailbreak, you must understand what jailbreaking PS4 really is and what it can do to your PS4 console.

What is PS4 Jailbreak

In terms of legality, jailbreaking your PS4 entails removing the original firmware from the console and replacing it with a custom firmware. Fortunately, the PS4 jailbreak process can be reversed and you can always switch it back to the original firmware anytime. As far as the hardware of the console is concerned, opting for PS4 jailbreak means you are unlocking your PS4 so that you can run homebrew apps and other pirated copies of games and apps which are otherwise not approved by Sony. PS4 jailbreak allows you to experience a whole lot of other options without limiting yourself to only playing licensed games.

Requirements for PS4 Jailbreak

Following is the list of things required for a successful PS4 jailbreak:

  • The latest PS4 update which can be found from the PlayStation’s official website.
  • A USB flash drive having free memory space up to 512MB.
  • A PS4 game console which is compatible with the custom firmware.
  • An extraction program such as WinRAR. You may also use any other extraction program.

How to Jailbreak Your PS4

Hack your PlayStation 4 and get a PS4 jailbreak by following our step by step guide which has been given below:

Step 1:

Before beginning the jailbreak process, make sure your PS4 has been updated to the latest original firmware (4.70). You can check that from PlayStation’s official website here. Next, you need to confirm if your console is compatible with the custom firmware you are about to download.

Step 2:

The second step involves downloading the latest PS4 jailbreak custom firmware. Click here to download. Meanwhile, plug in your USB flash drive to continue to the next step.

Step 3:

As soon as the download process comes to an end, extract the folder containing the custom firmware using WinRAR or any other extraction program.

Step 4:

Take the PS4 folder from the extracted folder (the one containing the custom firmware) and place it on the USB drive. Remember, this folder contains the PS4 jailbreak for 3. official firmware to custom firmware.

Step 5:

Switch off your PS4 console and then plug the same USB flash drive into the console. After the USB is plugged, turn on the console. When the game loads on your screen, head over to the Settings > System Update > Update via Storage Media > Proceed. This entire process will only take around ten minutes to complete.

Step 6:

Now, your PS4 should be successfully jailbroken, having the 3.50 custom firmware. You can use the homebrew and other pirated copies of games and apps on your PS4 console after PS4 jailbreak is successfully done.

We would like to state that we do not condone the pirated content by any means. We would suggest you stick with the terms and conditions of the games when using modded features. Though nothing can stop you from exercising your decision, we advise you to always make the right move. Good luck!

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