ghost recon wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands New Gameplay Shows how to do Things Silently

Ubisoft has released new gameplay footage of Ghost Recon Wildlands, which showcases the same mission that was presented at E3. However, this time it is done in the cover of the night and a whole lot of teamwork.

The objective is still to capture El Pozolero, but this time, it is done in a stealthier way. The main purpose of this new gameplay video is to show that the game does not restrict the players in any way. They are free to roam around and go about the missions as they see fit.

If they think that taking stealth approach is the right option, they can do it. If they think, that a couple of people act as a distraction while the others capture the objective, they can do that as well. The opportunities are endless as players are allowed to approach scenarios in any way they want.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay at E3 seemed a bit buggy, but that was alpha stage, so problems were expected. However, this new version seems improved as the shooting and visuals have received major overhaul.

This new footage has certainly hyped us up for the final product, but unfortunately we will have to wait till March 7th, 2017 to get our hands on it.