Giphy Cam App lets you create Star Wars GIFs

Giphy Cam App Enables You to Create Star Wars GIFs

New filters have been added to Giphy Cam App that let you add Star Wars related content to your GIFs.

One of the highly anticipated movies Star Wars: The Force Awakens is going to launch this week and different platforms are trying to cash in on the hype. The popular app for GIFs called Giphy Cam has also joined in on the action as it has added six new Star Wars filters for the users.

These filters can be added to any GIF to make them appear even more fantastic. The added filters will make it look like the famous Millennium Falcon just soared past you, or you are swinging a light saber, or you’re dressing up as a storm trooper, or you’re about to hit the light speed, and much more.

Giphy Cam has entered in a partnership with Disney to add these new filters, but the company reveals that this deal involved no money whatsoever.

This initiative is certainly a good way to attract new users and build even more hype for a movie that’s already on the watch list of millions of people. These additions will be here for a limited time so if you want a Star Wars GIF, then you better get to work right away.


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