Giphy Says Review – A Great New Addition to GIF App Market

GIFs have become a huge part of internet these days. They can be found on all kinds of websites, and are especially prevalent on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Realizing how popular GIFs were becoming, a lot of developers made tools that allowed people to turn any available entertainment into a GIF. When Giphy Says was first announced, I thought it would be something like those apps as well, but thankfully, it’s not. Its purpose is not to shorten clips instead it allows you to create GIFs of your own actions. You can make a short video of yourself with any audio and upload it to your favorite social networking platforms. At first, I was thinking that it’s a lackluster app but during my usage, I found it to be quite fun and it won’t be too surprising if it goes on to become the next big thing. Some features that Giphy Says come with really sets it apart from the rest and I have explained them in detail below.


I have provided the basic idea behind the app above, but now I will go into more detail about how it actually works. Well, it’s quite simple. You just turn the camera to yourself or anyone or anything that you want to create a GIF out of and record that. If you say anything during this period, app will recognize it and will add that text to your GIF. You do have an option to manually add subtitles, but with Giphy Says, it’s not really a necessity – just say everything you want to add and it will be subtitled for you. It recognized almost everything I said but then again, I was in a quiet room where the app could hear me clearly. So, if you use it, make sure that you’re in a quiet place before making a GIF or your subtitles may not be as accurate.


Now filters are a must for an app like this, but Giphy Says puts a lot of new spins on it. Firstly, there is comic strip kind of GIFs that shows floating text as if you are a part of one. Then there are some regular ones that can be found in almost all GIF related apps like black and white and old pictures, painting, etc. However, one filter that stood out the most and is one of the reasons I love this app is emoji filter. It turns everything you say into an emoji with some hilarious results. If you are regular on social media, then you must’ve seen GIFs like that recently, but if you haven’t, then you really should check them out because they are awesome.


As far as performance is concerned, Giphy Says shines in this department as well. The app is not heavy so it doesn’t bother your internal memory very much and can be used for extensive periods. I almost used it exclusively for the testing purposes and never experienced any slowdowns, stutters or any kind of problems. Those of you who worry about performance should not be concerned with Giphy Says, as it won’t affect it in any way.


Giphy Says is an amazing new addition to the GIF app market. Previously, we were restricted to GIFs related to entertainment but with the help of this app, we can now create GIFs of our own. The best part about this app has to be the emoji filter and I can’t wait to see how creatively it gets used as more and more people get their hands on it. Giphy Says has our approval and if you are into GIFs yourself, then you should definitely give it a shot.

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