Undo Send button added to Gmail

Gmail Finally Offers “Undo Send” Button as its Official Feature

This feature is currently available for Widows version of Gmail only.

The new “Undo Send” feature allows Gmail users to cancel the mail within 5 to 30 seconds of sending it. The delay period can be manually set. Even though, this timeframe is quite short, yet it is enough to cancel the mail mistakenly sent to the wrong email address.

There will be an addition of thin yellow bar that will appear right after you hit the send button. You can use it to undo send if you are getting second thoughts about the mail.

Google was already running this feature on experimental basis in Gmail Labs since March 2009, but it is finally available as a formal feature for everyone to try.

If you are using the lab’s version of Gmail, then this feature will already be enabled. However, other users will have to manually enable it by going to General Tab in Gmail settings.

This feature was released on Monday so chances are that many of you are already using it, though it will take two weeks to be available for everyone.


Image Courtesy: mashable.com

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