How to Go Back to the Old 140-character Format on Twitter?

A few days back, Twitter went ahead to update the feature it was most famous for – raising the tweet limit from 140-character to 280-character. Even though the announcement had been made for over a month ago, the change got implemented a few days back only. This is not the first time Twitter has undergone some updates. It also rolled out the night mode for the desktop a few months back.

For some Twitter users, especially those who preferred putting up longer statutes and messages, this new update turned out to be super exciting. However, for others, this has been the worst update ever to be made by Twitter. For them, writing a tweet within 140 characters helped improve their creativity as they’d to come up with concise, crisp tweets. With the new update, they feel no difference can be felt between a Facebook status and a tweet.

The users who have been disappointed with Twitter’s decision to raise the tweet limit to 280-characters, they do not have to feel the same way anymore. They can finally enjoy a moment of rejoice as we’ve found a workaround for them to go back to the old format.

Is that even possible? Well, let’s just find out.

Taking notice of the backlash Twitter has received from some users, a group of talented developers at Slate have come up with a solution, allowing users to switch back to the old 140-character. They’ve developed a new Chrome extension titled ‘140’ that will help users happily ignore the new Twitter format for as long as they like.

Basically, the extension will cut down every tweet on your feed to 140 characters and will not allow your tweets to go beyond this limit. Once This life-saving extension can be downloaded straight from the Chrome Web Store.

How to Go Back to the Old 140-character on Twitter?

Let’s learn how you can go back to the old tweet limit by using the Chrome extension. Here’s the guide for you to follow:

Step 1:

First, open the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2:

Search for ‘140’ extension or simply open this link and click ‘Add To Chrome’ button to download the 140 extension on your computer.

140 extension interface

Step 3:

A small new dialogue box will pop on your screen. Click ‘Add Extension’ to move to the next step.

add extension

Step 4:

The extension will be added to your Chrome browser. Remember, you need to sign in to your Gmail account before using the extension.

Step 5:

After the extension has been downloaded and installed on your computer, head over to Twitter. On your feed, you will immediately notice a red ‘X’ placed right after the 139th character of a tweet it shortens. This red ‘X’ appears because of the extension you’ve installed on your Chrome browser. You can click the ‘X’ to read the whole tweet.
140 extension1

140 extension 2

After knowing what Slate has been doing to make the users switch back to the older format, Twitter may not be very pleased to see its users stubbornly clinging to the past and not making any efforts to conform to the new update. However, Slate still remains adamant and want to fight the 280-character evil by staying determined and strong.



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