gom media player review

GOM Media Player: An Entertainment Factory

GOM Media Player is not given the credit it truly deserves. More often than not, it is overshadowed by other major brands. However, despite not being able to garner much attention, the team behind GOM Media Player constantly releases updates for the platform to ensure that it keeps up-to-date with the changing audio and video trends. It supports almost all the file formats and provides a ton of options for both the tech savvy and the not-so-tech savvy individuals. If you’re in need for a media player, then you can’t go much wrong with this beauty.


Almost every computer can run GOM Player, which means that the requirements to make it work aren’t particularly demanding. Even if you own a regular PC without the huge specifications, you will still be able to run GOM Player without much of an issue.

Supported Video Formats

Pretty much all major file formats are supported by GOM Media Player, including flv, mp4, mov, mpg, ts, avi, divx, asx, wmv, m4v, dat, ifo, vob, 3gp/3gp2, rm/rmvb, mkv, ogm, mp3, asx, .pls .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .flac, .wav, Vorbis, FLAC, ADPCM, XVID, DIV1, DIV2, DIV3, DIV4, DIV5, DIV6, DIVX, DX50, MP41, MP42, MP43, H263, AP41, MPG4, MP4S, M4S2, MP4V, BLZO, MJPG, RMP4, DXGM, H264, DVSD, THEO, VP8, VC1, MPEG1, MPEG2, VP6, FPS1, IV50, IV40, SVQ3, H265, TSCC, TSCC2, Cinepak, SVQ1, G2M4, LAGARITH, TRUEMOTION2, DVCP, DVPP, QTRLE, RPZA, PRORES, MSZH, and Asao.

Shortcut Keys

GOM Media Player comes with all necessary shortcut keys to help you easily maneuver playback in any way you want. You can skim forward, skim backward, pause, play next track, play previous track, enable/disable and adjust subtitles, switch audio channels, and do so much more.

Smooth Playback

As mentioned earlier, you are not required to have a high-end rig to run this media player, which means that you can play almost all kinds of formats on it without worrying about any kind of interruption.


The option of zooming is sadly not available in GOM Player, so if you are one of those people who like to zoom in on certain points to have a better look, then this isn’t the media player for you.

Aspect Ratio

GOM Media Player gives you the option to change the aspect ratio of any video so that it can fit your display resolution, thus allowing you to enjoy the content no matter what screen you’re viewing it on.

Manual Audio Sync

You are allowed to manually sync audio for any playback. Sometimes the videos you download have out of sync audio, but with the help of this feature, you can easily take care of the problem.

Manual Subtitles Sync

Just like audio, you can also sync subtitles using GOM Media Player. This function can be performed quite conveniently using the keyboard shortcut.

Time Stretch

GOM Media Player lets you speed up videos, slow them down, forward or rewind them, and do so much more. It basically gives you complete control of your content.


GOM Media Player is easily one of the best tools around for playbacks, and although it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, it still is a remarkable solution for all kinds of users.

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