google allo

Google Allo: A Smart Instant Messaging App

After an underwhelming response to Hangout, Google is looking to take yet another shot at boosting its popularity mobile users, especially youngsters, by introducing Allo. The tech giant has already clarified that the new app is not replacing its predecessor, but would, in fact, look to carve its own niche by offering a unique and exciting mobile communication experience.

What Exactly is Google Allo?

The purpose of Allo is to serve as an assistant. When you are talking to someone and they ask you something, you simply have to type or speak that particular query while leaving the conversation. Allo will fetch and deliver the answer to you right away.

google allo search

Instant response to every query without leaving the conversation is the highlight of Allo, but it offers a lot more.

For example, there is the Ink feature that allows you to get creative and unleash your doodling skills. These pictures can then be exchanged with anyone in your phonebook.

Google Allo takes security and privacy of conversations very seriously, which is why it offers an Incognito mode. While chatting in this mode, the conversations are encrypted from end-to-end, while additional features such as discreet notifications and message expiration are available.

google allo incognito

Furthermore, you have the option to whisper or shout. If you shout, the message will automatically show up in CAPS, and if you whisper, it will go just like a normal chat.

Stickers and emoji are also present to brighten up your conversations.

sticks and emoji in google allo

Finally, we come to the best feature called Smart Reply. This feature learns the way you usually respond and provides you with replying options in accordance.

This is all really helpful and makes messaging “easier, more productive, and more expressive.”

How to Use Google Allo

Now that you know what exactly Allo is, it’s now time to see how to use it. Just follow the given steps and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Download the app from Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Sign in with your Gmail account.
  4. Link that Gmail account to your phone number.
  5. Start using Allo to exchange messages and photos with your friends and family.

Why Makes Google Allo Better Than Other Messaging Platforms?

Chatting can be done with almost every single messaging platform out there, then why choose Allo? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – Google integration. The tech giant has integrated the search engine into Allo which enables you to look for anything you want without having to leave the conversation. You can keep talking to your friends, and on the other side, you can ask the app about anything. It is created to make things simpler and faster, and it is doing that quite successfully.

google allo interface

Except for video calling, Allo has almost everything you can ask for in a messaging app. With the addition of Google Assistant, it becomes almost unstoppable.

If you are looking for an extremely mobile chat app that is capable of answering your queries as well, then you should definitely give Google Allo a shot.