Google to release a stand-alone app for Street View

Google Announces Street View iOS and Android App

This app will allow anyone to send photo spheres to Maps, but it will support images from only two cameras at the moment, namely NCTech iris360 and the Giroptic 360cam.

This Wednesday, Google shared its plan to release Street View app for iOS and Android phones in August in an effort to merge its Google View community with Google Maps.

The photo spheres submitted and approved will be shown as a Street View gallery to give users a clear picture.

This app will replace Photo Sphere Camera on iOS. Previously, only Google and authorized parties were allowed to add photos, but with this app, anyone can share images, though they will be selected only if they meet the technical requirements.

If Google sticks to the plan, then Views will not be available after mid-August and photo spheres will be uploaded via Google Maps website, which means your current profile on Views will also be moved to the Google Maps website. Also, Google Maps Business View will be rebranded as “Street View | Trusted” and will keep on promoting and supporting professional photographers, who by the way should expect some changes in enrollment and publishing policy.


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