Google Becomes Smarter Than Before

Google Can Now Answer More Complex Queries

Instead of asking a similar question in different ways, you can ask one long question and Google will provide you with an answer.

Google has always been there whenever we needed it, allowing us to find almost anything through its search engine. But there was just one problem – in order to get the right response, we had to put our query in a simple way.

However, this has changed as of today, as now you can ask even more complex questions from Google. Previously, you could search “People who have been presidents of USA” and Google would provide you with a list of presidents in an instant. But now, you can add more complexity to your searches and still get the answer you want.

An example provided is “Who was the U.S. president when the Angels won the World Series?” To give users an answer to this question, Google will have to go through multiple data files. First it will look at the list of Countries. After that, it will focus on Baseball teams and its winners. Finally, it will turn its attention to US presidents. Now that it has gained all the information, it will be able to provide you with the answer you seek without much of a problem. Of course, the whole process would be completed in an instant.


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