Google Chrome Killing Off Flash Content

Google Chrome Begins to Auto-Pause Flash Ads

Flash ads will be paused by default, requiring users to actually click on them in order to set the dynamic pictures in motion.

Google Chrome has begun to block Flash ads, setting them to pause mode by default to ensure a smooth browsing experience for users. The ads can still be played, but only by clicking on them.

The decision is taken to decrease the page-loading time and increase battery life, as Google Chrome is always blamed for draining battery faster.

The feature was first introduced in a beta version earlier this year in June, but is now available in public Google Chrome 45 release that arrived on September 1.

Google warned web developers about its plans to replace the Flash ads with HTML5 ads back in June, after releasing the beta version. The company even offers Flash users a helpful tool to convert their Flash ads into HTML5.

Google is not the first one to take this decision; Mozilla also took the same step last month. Facebook’s Security officer also highlighted the need to dump Flash ads for good, after which Facebook and Google started converting their videos in to HTML5 mode.

Although Google generates a large number of its revenues from ads, it still went ahead with its decision to block Flash ads for the sake of user experience.


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