Google Drive Backup for WhatsApp confirmed

Google Drive Backup for WhatsApp Becomes Official

The beta version of the feature has been available to a limited number of people for quite some time now.

WhatsApp received an update bumping it to the version 2.12.45 that allows its users to save WhatsApp messages and multimedia on Google cloud service. The instant messaging service will need access to users’ Google account to use the feature, after which they can create a backup of chats, videos, voice chats, pictures, and much more on their Google drive.

There is also an option to select the frequency of updating backup. It can be set to daily, weekly or monthly. Also, there is a “never” option in case a user does not want Google drive to create a backup at all.

The feature comes in handy when you change your smartphone, as you can restore the data on the new handset with just a few taps.

The feature was in its beta testing for the last few months with only a few people using it, but Google finally made it official on Wednesday.

The backup update may still take a few months to roll out on all Android devices.


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