Google Home Max

Google Home Max Initial Impressions

Google Home Max just got announced and it is basically a set of speakers that serve as digital assistants. They are way more advanced than other digital assistants that have been shown up until now, and can open up new possibilities. They are detailed and completely configurable. The users have complete control over them and they can change its commands and routines in any way they want. The build that Google is showing off at the moment comes with two different commands, Good Morning and Good Night.

Good Morning

When you say “Good Morning” to Home Max, It provides you details about your surroundings including the weather outside, the traffic, and will catch you up on the latest news. The owners can change this routine and ask it to do something else entirely. The usage of this assistant would be reliant on the owners. This means that you can switch around stuff at will and add-remove anything you want. This tool is designed to help you in any way it can, so if you don’t need something, feel free to remove it.

Good Night

Second command is “Good Night” and upon saying that, Home Max arms your alarm system and automatically turns off the lights. You obviously will have to configure alarm system and your lights to work with Home Max, but the good news is, is that it works perfectly. As soon as the command is issued, the lights in your home are turned off and alarm systems are activated. Manually doing these things can be quite a chore especially if you live in a larger house. Having this device at your disposal certainly makes things a whole lot easier.

New Possibilities

The aforementioned features were present before but were only achievable through third-party help, and they incurred a lot of money. This is the first time a major brand has come with a system where you issue a demand and everything is done for you. With the third party tools, you had to do everything manually and had to configure a lot of stuff, but this new command system of Home Max is brilliant. It will provide ease of use to the people, and easy accessibility is always appreciated. Seeing this new product in action, we just can’t help but imagine how it opens up new possibilities for other brands to join in on the action. Although Google has done an incredible job with Home Max, but there is always room for improvement and that’s where other tech giants could shine.

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