Google Maps for Android Detour Route

Google Maps for Android Will Soon Let You Add Detours to Your Route

The feature will also show all the gas stations present along the way with their gas prices so that you can stop by to get gas at the cheapest possible price.

Google Maps for Android is set to receive an update within the coming weeks that will allow the users to add multiple locations to their route without even removing the final destination. The feature can be used while driving in a navigation mode.

The Android version of the app will soon start showing a magnifying glass on the top-right corner of the screen. You can click it to select any option as a detour from a drop-down menu. Initially, the app will show gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores that come in or near your route. You may also use the dedicated search icon in case your desired option is not available.

The nifty update will also show the gas prices on nearby gas stations to save you a few dollars.

Google Maps will work the way it used to except it will first navigate you towards your detour, and then you can continue moving to reach your initially-set destination.

There is no word on if and when the feature will become available to Google Maps users for iOS.


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