Night Mode Arrives on Google Maps for IOS

Google Maps for iOS Gets Night Mode for Easier Navigation

The night mode does not require you to change your iOS settings; just update Google Maps to its latest version, i.e. 4.9.0.

Google Maps for iOS received an update, adding a new feature that allows you to navigate in night mode while driving at night. The feature converts the glaring white background of Google Maps to a dark easy-to-eye background.

Night mode feature is fully automatic as it is connected with iOS clock, which means there is no need to manually turn the feature on or off – it automatically gets active after evening falls. However, it won’t work during the day, even if you are at a dark place.

Google has been offering the feature to Android users for quite a time now, but it is the first time iOS users will get benefit from it.

There are a lot of other interesting features that are a part of the update, most important being the permission to label places which are then added on your map, and also the ability to edit the caption of images you have added on Google Maps.

You can update Google Maps to enjoy the night mode feature at iTunes App Store.


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