Google Maps Founder Aims to Make Running Fun Through Weav Run

Not a lot of people are into exercising and the ones that are, only do it because it’s an obligation. They want to stay fit and healthy and the best and easiest way to do that is by running. However, because it’s not a fun activity to do, a lot of people get annoyed by it and some of them even leave it sooner or later.

Realizing this problem, founder of Google, Lars Rasmussen has come up with a decent solution. He and his partner Elomida Visviki hopes that running will and can only become fun through music and they’re pushing to make that happen through their Weav Run app.

Weav Run was made available earlier this easier as a fitness app, but now the founders have signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Brothers to bring music on to their platform.

Doing it would make Weav Run the one and only fitness app which supports music as well. Our prediction is that it will work brilliantly.

As of now, people have to find a music app and a fitness app, and they have to make sure that both of them keep on working throughout their run. However, when Weav Run adds the music collection from the three music giants, then it will become a one-app affair and will make things quite convenient for the users.

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