Google Maps for Apple Watch is Finally Here

Google Maps is Finally Available on Apple Watch

Owners of Apple’s wearable tech need not look any further than their wrists for directions, estimated time of arrivals on different transportation, and much more.

If you’re wearing an Apple Watch around your wrist, the chances of you getting lost have reduced drastically, thanks to the latest update to Google Maps app for iOS which has added the tech giant’s popular wearable tech to the list of compatible devices.

Apart from giving you directions to your home or work, Google’s Maps app for iOS gives you a rough idea of how long it would take for you to reach a certain destination depending on whether you’re on a bike, a car, public transport, or on foot. It even allows you to call different businesses and request for directions from a list of places.

Previously, Apple Watch users had no choice but to rely solely on Apple Maps for directions, which pales in comparison to Google Maps when it comes to features and reliability. Fortunately, things are looking much brighter now that the Maps app has arrived on the iOS smartwatch.

You can download the updated Google Maps app from App Store.


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