New Google Maps update has hidden features

Google Maps Now Lists Your Flights, Reservations and Events

This new addition will certainly come in handy for users who travel a lot.

Last week, Google Maps received a new update which added a bunch of stability options along with some fixes here and there.

However, that wasn’t all there was in the package.

The tech giant also introduced a new feature which allows the app to become integrated with your Gmail account and get the information required whenever you search for the phrases: my flights, my reservations, my hotels and my events.

All of the results you get from these searches will be related to the events that you have registered on your Gmail account, making your travel a whole lot easier.

This is an amazing feature and will surely be helpful for the users that have to travel a lot. The only downside to this update is that it’s currently available for Android users only. Although nothing has been confirmed about this feature’s release on other platforms, it is safe to assume that it will make its way to iOS and Windows in the near future.

If you haven’t found time to get Google Maps updated to the latest version just yet, then be sure to upgrade on the first chance you get. This update will bring Google Maps to version 9.8.1.


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