New update for Google Maps delivers traffic details and timings for different routies

Google Maps Now Provide Traffic Alerts

You will be explained why you should avoid one route in favor of another.

Google Maps app has been one of the best ways to make your way around town. And now the tech giants are looking to improve it even further as they have added detailed traffic alerts into the app.

Google has been showing how the traffic would be like on the roads for quite some time now, but this recent update adds descriptions that explain how much time it will take for you to reach your destinations through different routes.

Moreover, Google Maps will now tell you regularly which routes you should take and why they would be faster than the others. If you are stuck at a place due to traffic, it will also give you an estimated time on when you can expect to get out of there.

That’s not all as Google has collected the data from users searches to determine the spots that are visited the most in New York and San Francisco. If you are living in one of those states, then check out the top destination searches outlined by Google right here.

All of the additions made to the Google Maps app seem pretty handy and will surely benefit a lot of users, especially on the busy days.


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