Google to help startups against patent trolls

Google Offering Free Patents to new Startups to Fight Patent Trolls

Google has come up with yet another program to fight against patent trolls.

The number of patent trolls is increasing which in no way is good news for the entrepreneurs. However, Google has started a new initiative which will help startups in a big way. The tech giant has announced that it will offer free patents to small time companies to help them fend off patent trolls.

Those of you unfamiliar with the term patent trolls should know that these are the companies whose sole purpose is to file patents for almost everything and then sue the companies that fit their vague description. These patent troll companies don’t work on any kind of product as their way of earning is totally dependent on lawsuits against startups.

Google is calling this new initiative the Patent Starter Program, and only 50 startup companies or developers will be accepted in this scheme. These selected companies will have to join LOT program for a couple of years, which is also a scheme run by Google along with Dropbox to protect startups against patent trolls.

Google has been one of major voices against patent trolls as it has started multiple initiatives against them. This new Patent Starter Program seems pretty good and will certainly prove to be helpful for the new developers.


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