Google Panda Released

Google Panda Unveiled: Is it the Future of Search Engines?

At the sunrise today in Japan, Google launched a new video showcasing their upcoming product that will certainly change the way you do your searches in the future.

This new product from Google is named Google Panda. It will allow you to do your searches through voice recognition regardless of the location. You can ask it anything and it will come up with the response in less than 0.3 seconds, which really is quite impressive. On top of all that, Google Panda is incredibly cute and adorable, and it can prove to be a great learning toy for kids.

Performing searches is of course Google Panda’s main function, but its mobility is what will come in handy for people. They will be able to take it everywhere with them and ask it whatever they want to on the go. It can also be attached to any part of your body, making it a pretty good device to own. If your mobile or laptops drop to the ground, there is a very high possibility that they will be damaged, but that’s not the case with Google Panda as its core is stored in the center. If you drop it anywhere by chance, then the fluffy body of the panda will take the fall gracefully like a ballerina landing from a jump.

Now that devices are available in different sizes, there was just no way Google was going to settle with one size for Google Panda. This latest product from Google is available in two different sizes – Google Panda 5 and Google Panda 6. The product looks amazing, but we will only be able to give our final verdict once we have got our hands it.

Just a little caution for all those bouncing off the walls with excitement. Today is April Fools day so it could be a joke that Google might be trying to pull on its fan base. So you might want to hold back your enthusiasm for Google Panda for at least today.


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