Google acquires Pedestrian Notifications patent for its Self-Driving Cars

Google Patents “Pedestrian notifications” for its Self-Driving Cars

The patent covers in detail how Google’s self-driving cars will interact with the pedestrians.

Google is finally putting an end to the issues its self-driving cars were facing in respect to the pedestrians and other drivers by registering the Pedestrian notifications patent in United States Patent and Trademark Office. It gives a layout of how the car will notify the pedestrians about its intention to stop or continue driving so that the pedestrians may cross the road safely.

It is a 22-page document that not only contains diagrams and figures, but also their detailed description.

Mentioned in the patent are different ways the self-driving car will interact with the pedestrians. For instance, it may use sensors to detect pedestrians, after which physical signaling device, light or speakers would be used to let them know whether it is safe to cross the road or if they should wait.

With other companies striving to enter into the car market, it is good for the tech giant to bag the patent well in time.


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