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Google Pixel Hacked in Less than a Minute

When announcing Pixel, Google claimed that it will be as secure as iPhone devices. However, this claim was tarnished today when a group of hacker was able to break into Pixel in less than 60 seconds.

People responsible for cracking Google’s latest creation belonged to China and they were just showcasing their skills at PwnFest hacking competition.

Google hasn’t come up with a response just yet, but now that their claims have been put to rest, it will be interesting to see what they will have to say about it.

Apple has been a haven for people who crave security, and when Google said that Pixel would come with similar security measures, a lot of Android users were excited.

However, now that they have witnessed that the device can be hacked in less than a minute, they would ditch the idea of getting it, and are more than likely to go for an iPhone.