Google unveils Project Vault

Google Reveals Project Vault, A MicroSD Card-Based Security System

Your mobiles will now be safer even when they fall into the wrong hands.

Being one of the biggest tech companies around the world, Google is always looking to come up with something new and exciting for the users. Now, with so many security threats roaming the internet, Google has revealed a security system that is disguised as a microSD card.

This new security product from Google has been named Project Vault for now which is subject to change as the development progresses. Project Vault was announced at the I/O developer conference which took place on Friday.

The Vault microSD card will keep your data safe and secure as it has the ability to encrypt chat messages from different apps and provide multiple levels of authentications. By utilizing these steps, you’ll be able to ensure that your data stays safe even when your device falls in the wrong hands.

The Vault card will also be utilizing near field communication (NFC) to communicate with nearby devices. Despite being created by Google, Project Vault will release for Windows, Apple OS X and Android.

Initially, Project Vault will be made available to different enterprises. If it proves to be a success there, only then will Google release it for the general public.


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