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Google Secretly Working on 5G Internet Project Called SkyBender

The tech giant will utilize solar drones for this project to spread 5G internet all over the world.

It seems that era of 4G will be over soon as Google has started working on a new project called SkyBender, which aims to provide 5G internet to people all over the globe through solar drones.

The said project is being worked on at the moment and it involves numerous prototype transceivers and drones. These gadgets are reported to be located at Virgin Galactic’s Gateway to Space terminal in New Mexico’s Spaceport America for testing purposes.

Google hasn’t officially unveiled this project, but according to The Guardian, SkyBender will work with millimeter wave radio transmissions which “can theoretically transmit gigabits of data every second, up to 40 times more than today’s 4G LTE systems.”

It is quite an innovative idea and if the experiments prove to be fruitful, we could be looking at 5G in the next few years.

Now that the details on this project have been leaked, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Google coming out and revealing SkyBender itself.


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