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Google takes a Jab at Apple in the Photos Ad

Google takes a jab at Apple in the new ad for its Photos’ “Free Up Space” feature. The ad shows people trying to take pictures at some important moments, but been unable to do so due to lack of storage space available in their phone.

16GB is obviously not enough storage space in the modern day, but Apple keeps on shoving it down our throats every year. Hopefully, they will change their minds this time around and will at least come up with a 32GB starting model.

Google’s Free Up Space feature is fantastic though as it allows you delete the unwanted stuff without much of a hassle. It also backs up your pictures on regular basis and as soon as the backup process is done, it gets deleted from the phone.

This means that you can keep on taking pictures all the time without worrying about your disk space ever running out.

That’s a great initiative from Google because more often than not, we run out of storage when we need it the most. This feature would surely help in those cases.

Now Apple needs to learn the lesson here and introduce something that helps people save their pictures endlessly as well.

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