Google's new wireless service

Google’s Wireless Service “Project Fi” Officially Revealed

After months of rumors and speculations, Google has finally unveiled its wireless service called Project Fi. Now pay for only what you use.

Yesterday, a report came out suggesting that Google has plans to officially announce its new wireless service. It turns out the report was spot on. The internet giant has indeed lifted the curtains off of its wireless service, Project Fi.

Google is not going to come up with its own network to cater this service. Instead, it has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, two of the most popular carriers in USA. The best part of this newly unveiled wireless service is that you will only have to pay for the actual usage.

For example, you take $30 bundle for 3GB of internet usage and throughout the whole period, you only use 1.5GB. Instead of losing all the unused data, Google will pay you back your $15.

Now, there are a lot of people out there who purchase heavy buckets at the start of each month to fulfill their internet needs, but are unable to utilize all of the data. These kinds of users in particular will indeed have plenty to gain from Google’s Project Fi.

The new wireless service is based around Google Hangouts, an app that enables you to talk to other people who have it installed on their laptops or tablets.

As of now, Project Fi is only available for the users of Nexus 6 and is invite-only. If you’d like an invite to this service, then get signed up on its official website.

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