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Gooligan Malware Hacking Devices Running Below Android 6.0

If you own an Android phone that runs below Android 6.0, then your Google account may be compromised. A new malware called Gooligan has surfaced and is shutting down all the Gmail accounts that are running on the older versions of Android.

More than a million Google accounts have already been hacked, and there’s no stopping Gooligan at the moment. If you are using a device that’s running below Android 6.0, then the likelihood is that your device is also affected.

To deal with this malware threat, it is advised that you erase all of your personal information from it, especially your Google account. Gooligan seems to be targeting Gmail accounts in particular, so if you have them saved on your smartphone, now is the time to get rid of them.

Other than that, there is no safe way to deal with this newly discovered malware. Your safety is in your own hands.

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