Here’s the Guide to Declutter Your Facebook Newsfeed

It has been proved that more than a billion people use Facebook every single day. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now.

Facebook Has Become a Necessity

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Facebook has taken over our lives in the most unimaginable ways. There wouldn’t be a day when we do not forget to check our Facebook newsfeed. Be it on our desktops or mobile devices, checking Facebook has become a part of our daily life routine now. It is such app that we likely spend the majority of our time using on our phone or the website more than we care to admit. We check Facebook to stay connected to our friends and closed ones. Moreover, since Facebook has become a global village now, we also use this medium to stay updated with the latest news and happenings around the world. Even if we do not follow news channels regularly or read the newspaper to catch updates about the worldly news, we happen to come across them on Facebook in some way or the other. Believe it or not, but Facebook surely has become an indispensable part of our life. It would now be hard for us to imagine our life without Facebook.

Some Posts Can be Annoying

We do accept that we can’t think our life without using Facebook, however, at the same time, we also do get annoyed when we log into Facebook and find irritating and useless posts waiting for us in our newsfeed. As much as we want to scroll through our newsfeed, we surely wouldn’t want to skim through pointless posts that we are not at all interested to see.

And There’s a Solution Already!

Thankfully, Facebook has already created a solution for this problem. It has created a way for us to get rid of the useless posts and filter out them as much as possible. There is a possibility that some of you might already know how this thing works but we have still written down a step by step guide on how you can actually declutter your Facebook newsfeed. By doing this, you will not be able to see useless and annoying posts on your newsfeed anymore and will only see the content you are interested in.

We would like to consider that most of the people like using Facebook on their mobile devices, therefore this guide has been written down keeping in mind Facebook’s mobile app. Let’s learn how you can clean your newsfeed.

Declutter Your Facebook Newsfeed

If you’re already aware of the first three steps, we would suggest you jump to the step 4 directly. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Open Facebook

This is the simplest step of all. We assume you’re using Facebook through your mobile phone. Simply open the Facebook app on your mobile and log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click on the Hamburger Icon

Did the word ‘hamburger’ confuse you? Don’t worry. We will make it simpler for you. When you are logged in to your Facebook account on your mobile phone, you will find a three-line icon on the upper right corner of the Facebook app. That three-line icon is basically the hamburger icon. Click on the hamburger icon to move forward.

Step 3: Scroll Down to Settings

Now, this may show differently on your mobile phones. After tapping on the hamburger icon, you will need to scroll down a bit to find the Settings section. As soon as you find ‘Help & Settings’, you need to stop right there.

Step 4: Tap on ‘News Feed Preferences’

You will find ‘News Feed Preferences’ option right under the ‘Help & Settings’ section. As you click on this option, you will be taken to a new page where a list of options will be shown to you including those to prioritize who you see first, unfollow people to hide their posts, reconnect with the people you’ve unfollowed in the past, discover pages that match your interests and other more options.

Each of the above-mentioned option work similarly. As soon as you open one of them, they will lead you to another list of options. Let us tell you how each of the options works.

Prioritize Who to See First

For example, if you select ‘Prioritize who to see first’, you will eventually see a list of people from your friend list and pages that you’ve liked on Facebook. If you do not want to miss any post from a particular person or a page then you will have to select them individually so you can set them as a priority and never miss a post from them.

Unfollow People to Hide their Posts

This option pretty much works the same as the first option. Here you will get to mark a person, a page, or a group that you do not want to see posts from. For instance, if you do not want to see posts from a particular person, a page, or a group, you will simply select them on this page in order to hide their posts on your newsfeed permanently.

Reconnect with People You Unfollowed

In this option, you will be shown a list of people who are very much there on your friend list but you cannot see their posts on your news feed because you have unfollowed them. If you want to reconnect with them, all you need to do is tap on the people and see the updates from them in the future.

Discover Pages That Match Your Interests

If you want to stay updated on the news or topics that match your interests then this option can be helpful to you. Once you select this option, Facebook will analyze the pages you have liked already in the past and your other activity or habits on its platform and then suggest other business pages that may be in your interest. This way, you will be able to connect to pages that share content that may interest you in some way or the other.

We hope we’ve put down easy steps for you to declutter your Facebook newsfeed. By doing this, you can keep your news feed clean and only see the content you’re most interested in.

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