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Gyroscope Health Review – Helps You Get Your Schedule in Order

We are occupied throughout the day. We spend a large chunk of our day in schools, colleges, or at work. When we come home, we get stuck with the chores and once they are done, we get to our hobbies whatever those may be. In all of this rush, you miss out on some of things that are really important for your well-being. First activity that is close to non-existent these days is socializing – no one talks to anyone anymore as most of the time is spent on digital gadgets. Second problem that is being faced by the people is lack of sleep. Final problem that is really affecting the masses these days is the bad eating habits. All of this is happening because there is no balance in anyone’s life. People take snack right before leaving work, and then don’t eat anything at home. Late night, they just order something and that’s about it. It has a negative impact on them, and lack of sleep and socializing don’t help either. All of these are serious problems and can have a long lasting impact on your health. This is where apps like Gyroscope Health come in handy.

How this App Helps?

Gyroscope Health keeps track of all of your activity. It sees how much time you spent sitting down at one place, how much time you spent in the workplace, how much time did you do your exercise, how much sleep did you get, etc. Basically, it keeps track of what you do the entire time. In our normal lives, irregularities occur, but we don’t take notice of them. However, with an app telling you where and when the irregularities are transpiring, you will be able to handle it better. The app fulfils its purpose rather nicely. The best part is that all the options you need are provided up front, so you won’t have to navigate into complicated menus.

Added Categories

Another great part about the app is that it allows you to add categories. For example, you can include time spent on computer or time spent playing sports or time spent watching TV, etc. Usually, the health apps are limited in this regard but this open options idea really makes it worthwhile. By adding categories, you are better able to make a schedule for yourself and create a nice work/life balance. Without these options, you would have to adjust some activities into others, which just isn’t helpful.


There aren’t any cons to this app really. It does what it needs to do perfectly and better than most of the apps in this category. However, one change that would be greatly appreciated is its integration with Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other health related wearable. Having to manage a wearable and an app at the same time is annoying and it would be a great help if the app got the data from the health wearable without you having to manually add it. Other than that however, Gyroscope Health is fantastic and if you are struggling to maintain a work/life balance, then we would suggest giving this app a shot.

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