Shuhei Yoshida

Hackers Take Control of Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Twitter Account

Yesterday, a group called OurMine came forward claiming that they were behind the DDoS attacks on Pokemon Go servers, and today they have made the news again. The same hacking group has now taken control over Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Twitter account.

After taking control, they have been sending out tweets, some of which read as follows:

“Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security”

“Secure yourself”

“We are a security group, not a hacking group, we will give his account back immediately if he contact us on our website”

Shuhei Yoshida is president of Sony Worldwide Studios, so hacking his account and tweeting all of the above has certainly gotten them the attention that so badly want. However, it is still not clear what they are hoping to achieve by doing it. Is it all a stunt so that people would give them the same attention they give other hackers or they want to prove something? They haven’t stated what their intentions are, but seeing how eager they are to get in the spotlight, we will surely get the answer to our question real soon.

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