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Some Helpful Tips on How to Stay Safe Online in 2017

Nothing is safe online. Cyber criminals can target your electronic devices; mobile, tablet, and computer, and inject malicious software into them. Evidently, 2016 has seen the rise of cyber-attacks and data breaches. With poor data security practices, most of the individuals and companies failed to protect their data online and suffered cyber-attacks during the last year.

The significance of cyber security for every person and companies, be it small scale or large scale, has become undeniable. Cyber security experts need to come up with manifold solutions to provide best protection for the online users. To prevent further cyber-attacks in the future, we have come up with some helpful tips on how to stay safe online in 2017 which are discussed as below:

Install Updates

Cyber criminals are always busy devising new techniques to steal your private and public information. To stop them, software companies instantly release fixes through updates. People should know how important software updating is. Even with the availability of new updates, many users do not bother to install them on their electronic devices, as a result of which they suffer cyber-attack. Therefore, updating software is vital to stay safe and protect your data online.

Create A Backup

Creating a backup of your data is essential because you have a chance of recovery if your data is ever compromised by malware. Always make sure to use a separate, external drive to store your files while creating a backup for your data. Keep this external drive off the site when you’re not using it. A backup of data must be on your to-do list to stay safe online in 2017.

Account Recovery Options

Having a recovery contact for your account is quite helpful, especially when you can’t log in to your account due to some reason. Companies find a way to reach you and confirm your identity with the help of a recovery contact which is either in the form of a phone number or an alternate email address. When you’ve submitted a recovery contact to a company, it becomes slightly problematic for the hacker to gain access to your account. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have a recovery contact associated with your account.

Set Up 2FA

2FA or two-step authentication process has recently become a new preventive tool to stay safe online. With the help of 2FA, your account becomes more secured as it requires two steps from you before logging in to your account. 2FA requires another code along with your remembered password during sign in process. The unique code is sent to your mobile device via text or generated by an app. Despite knowing username and password of your account, the hacker cannot access your account without having the code which is sent only to your mobile device.

Unique Password for Every Account

You should set a unique password for every account especially when you have multiple accounts for various websites. Having the same password for every account can be tricky. For instance, if any of your accounts gets compromised, the others are exposed to a huge risk. It might be a problem for some users to have different passwords for different websites because they can’t seem to remember all of them. But we might have a solution for this one as well. Using a password manager to better handle your passwords can solve this problem.