Everything you need to know about iPhone 7

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about iPhone 7

If we are not mistaken, you are here because you want to know each and everything about the upcoming iPhone 7, right? Well, you probably have really high expectations from the next iteration because it’s the new model and Apple always comes out with a bang. However, the rumors that have surfaced so far doesn’t make it look like that we’ll be seeing a lot of new changes in Apple’s latest offering. The alleged changes are getting mixed reception from the community. Some of the changes do indeed look they are going to be good, while there are some that were pretty unnecessary to say the least. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 7.


Design of iPhone 7 was pretty much a mystery, but then a leak happened in which a bunch of pictures of Apple’s newest smartphone were revealed. According to these pictures, iPhone will come with 4.7-inch screen, and its back casing, which you can see in this link, will be made even worse. The unattractive huge camera that was on the back side of iPhone 6s is returning in the newest entry as well, and it has been made even bigger, making the design look absolutely hideous. The antenna lines are getting completely removed, which is a good. Apart from that, the backside will still be made of aluminum and thus is looking quite similar to the casing of previous iteration, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The front panel, on the other hand, will be seeing a major change as the home button is getting completely removed. Now it will just have the display on the front of the phone. This is a significant change and a very good one at that. That one home button took a lot of space, but with its removal, Apple has a chance to give the control of entire screen to the users.


Nothing much has been revealed about the features that will be available in the next offering, but there are a bunch of rumors that suggest that iPhone 7 will be waterproof. This feature seems very much likely because almost major competitors of Apple have put a waterproof phone in the market.

Apart from being most likely waterproof, iPhone 7 will boast a sharper display, but it wouldn’t support OLED tech this time around. Instead, the tech giant is looking for huge bump in resolution by moving to glass-on-glass screens, which have the ability to offer QHD and even 4K resolution.

As far as camera is concerned, iPhone 7 will come with 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. It has been rumored that the ugly bump of the camera will most likely be removed from the final version.

Finally, there is talk about iPhone 7’s battery. The battery is believed to be a bit bigger than the previous iterations, but the difference doesn’t look like it’d be a big deal. The phone will feature 1960mAh battery, which is just small upgrade over iPhone 6s’ 1715mAh battery. There surely is a distinction, but it doesn’t look like it’ll amount to much.

3.5mm Headphone Jack Removed?

One of the biggest speculation going around about iPhone 7 is that Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their latest offering. There’s no concrete proof if that is indeed the case, but it seems very likely. One can only hope that this rumor isn’t true, and if it is, then how on earth is Apple planning to replace the headphone jack? This is a question no one knows the answer to at the moment. Unfortunately, we will most likely have to wait for it until the official reveal of iPhone 7.

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