Reasons to be Excited about PS4 Neo

Here’s Why You Should Be Excited about PS4 Neo

When PlayStation 4 first came out back in 2013, people expected it to be the next-gen machine that will change the gaming experience altogether. Sadly, that didn’t happen as it wasn’t able to match the power of PC. Sony realized that they won’t be able to last for six, seven years with this machine and started working on a more powerful iteration of PS4 which is now named PS4 Neo. Although people didn’t like the announcement at first, but soon they started to comprehend the fact that PS4 is not powerful enough. In the modern day, people want everything to run at 4K resolution with higher frame rates. Unfortunately, PS4 was not delivering on either end. Now, Sony is looking to change all that with the new PS4.5, something that its biggest rival Microsoft is looking to match with its own new Xbox. Here are a few reasons to be excited about PS4 Neo.

Ability to Run 4K

PS4 in its current state can’t even run all of the games in native 1080p which is absolutely unacceptable for a modern day video game console. Fortunately, Sony is looking to bring a true next-gen experience with PS4 Neo. The upcoming machine will support games at 4K resolution and will also allow you to stream content in ultra HD. 4K gaming on consoles is non-existent at the moment, so adding support for it in the PS4 Neo will help attract a lot of people, especially PC gamers who want premium experience from gaming.

PSVR Support

PlayStation VR headset is set to hit the shelves this October and current PS4 is just not powerful enough to support it. One of the developers in an interview stated outright that the regular edition of PS4 just isn’t powerful enough to support the PSVR headset.

“PSVR was going to be terrible on a [launch] PS4. It was going to be truly awful. Something a bit more powerful starts to bring VR into range.”

So, if you are looking forward to the VR headset and think that it will work on your regular PS4 flawlessly, then you are wrong. It won’t work and even if it does, it’s going to be a nightmare to use because of performance issues. If you want true PSVR experience, then you will have to switch to PS4 Neo.

Better Frame Rates and Specs

Apart from increasing the resolution, PS4 Neo will also provide option to increase frames per seconds. The standard for current PS4 is 1080p and 30fps. However, PS4.5 will change that standard and will make 60fps playable on your console. Not all the games may support 4K resolution and 60fps, but the options will be there to make your experience as premium as possible. In PC, you have option to lower certain settings including resolution to increase frames per second, and it is expected that PS4 Neo will provide users with similar kind of choices. If visuals are your priority, then you can just increase the resolution to 4K. However, if you want smoother gameplay, then you can lower the visual quality a bit and increase your frame rates to 60, the choice is yours.


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