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How to Hide Who You’ve Been Stalking Lately on Instagram

Speaking of digital media’s popularity across the globe, Instagram is one of the social media apps that has garnered users’ attention within a short span of time. By introducing new features every now and then, Instagram never ceases to amaze its users. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram stories have slowed down Snapchat’s growth. There are users who are super active on this social media platform – they enjoy uploading and sharing the pictures with their friends and followers on daily basis. And then there are silent observers – who have created an Instagram for the sole purpose of stalking others. They do not post anything on their account but only stalk other users. Whether someone is active or dormant on this platform, stalking is an activity which is done by almost everyone. There should be no shame at all in admitting that you stalk people on Instagram because the truth is, we all do. This is something you enjoy doing. However, there is something which you would not like to happen. You surely wouldn’t want someone to grab your phone and actually get to see who you’ve been stalking lately from your Instagram account. If you do not want others to find out who you’ve been stalking on Instagram, you better follow a few simple tricks. The following guide will help you hide who you regularly stalk on Instagram:

Clear Search History

Clearing search history is one of the ways to clear the previous searches made on your Instagram account. By clearing the search history, all the previous drop-down searches in your search bar will be removed. Remember, after doing this, your search recommendations on Instagram will not be affected.

Here’s how you can delete your search history on Instagram:

  1. Open your profile on Instagram
  2. iPhone users will tap the gear on their profile whereas Android users will tap the three dotted lines. A drop-down menu will appear after tapping
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap the ‘Clear Search History’ button

Once you clear the search history by going through the above-mentioned steps, the search history will be temporarily cleared. If you search for the same Instagram account or for a particular hashtag, then their results will reappear in your search history.

Hide an Account

Trust us when we say this. The hide button on Instagram might be your only remedy that does not let anyone know who you’ve been stalking. It’s a hidden gem in a true sense. If you want to hide a particular account from your recommendations but at the same time, want to keep looking at that account, the hide button is your best bet.

To hide a specific search term, a hashtag or an account from your search bar, follow the simple steps:

  1. Open the search tab of your Instagram account
  2. Tap on the search bar
  3. Tap and hold the search you want to hide. It could be anything – an account, a term or a hashtag
  4. A new window pops on your screen asking you to either ‘Hide’ or ‘cancel’
  5. Tap ‘Hide’ button

This action will allow you to hide a particular search from your search bar and recommendations.

Get Fewer Recommendations

Have you been trying to avoid a certain kind of post on Instagram? Or do you wish to see fewer posts of that sort? Instead of unfollowing the accounts showing you those sort of posts, you can also ask Instagram to show you fewer posts like them.

All you need to do is:

  1. Tap the post
  2. Click on the three dot lines to see more options
  3. Select ‘See fewer posts like this’

We’ve given you a low-down on how to hide who you’ve been stalking on Instagram and to keep your snooping activity low-key. Make your stalking hassle-free and do it as much as you like.

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