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Hotspot Shield Android Free VPN Review

Hotspot Shield Android is right on top in the list of best VPN apps for Google’s mobile platform, a reputation that hardly comes as a surprise. Of course there’s the premium Hotspot Shield version as well, which is even better, but we’ll get to that later.

This impressive offering by AnchorFree comes equipped with just the right kind of tools to offer users the sort of digital security, privacy and freedom they crave. The app is ideal for Android users who frequently find themselves connecting to risky public Wi-Fi hotspots, or attempting to access blocked websites. The overall experience depends on whether you’re using the Free or hotspot shield elite for android version of the app, with the latter naturally loaded with greater potential and capability like:

  • The privilege of changing virtual location to United Kingdom or Japan from the default location of United States
  • Removal of limitation on bandwidth consumption
  • Ability to unblock additional domains while using Hotspot Shield Android VPN in the all-new SMART mode.

In our detailed free Hotspot Shield Android review, we take a look at how well it performs in different areas.

Hotspot Shield Android: Data Encryption Method

Hotspot Shield does a pretty decent job of encrypting connection with HTTPS encryption to keep snoopers, including ISP providers, at bay. The feature doesn’t fail to deliver, which basically means you can safely connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Data Logging Policy

There is hardly anything to worry about as far as the app’s privacy policy is concerned. The developer accepts that some information is logged, but there is absolutely no way to use that information to get to you. In other words, only non-personally identifiable information is collected.


Speed is definitely Hotspot Shield’s Achilles’ heel. While the standard download and upload speed is touted to be 28.16MB/s and 28.86MB/s respectively on the free version, and 28.63MB/s and 28.33MB/s on the elite, you should keep your expectations modest. Connecting to a server closest to your location may bring you impressive speed, but it tends to drop far too frequently for comfort. Be warned, Hotspot Shield will test your patience.

Installation Process

The installation process of Hotspot Shield for Android is fairly simple. Since the app comes pre-configured, you need not worry about having your technical knowledge tested.

Server Location

Hotspot Shield has three dedicated servers, located in United States, United Kingdom and Japan. While these may not be as many servers as we may have liked, they are just enough to make the app serve its purpose. The speed, however, will be nothing to write home about. You will need to upgrade to the Elite version to change your virtual location from United States to either of the other two options.

Provider Profile

AnchorFree is a well-known developer that has been catering to the VPN needs of PC users for many years now and has earned itself an impressive reputation. The developer does bring its strengths to the Android platform, delivering a VPN solution that does its job very well.

Customer Support

The customer support for Hotspot Shield can be reached via multiple mediums, including email and help desk. The support staff responds to queries promptly, and seems to make a genuine effort to troubleshoot whatever problem the user is having. You won’t be disappointed with the help that you get.


Hotspot Shield android is available in both free and paid versions on the Android. The paid Elite version includes a month subscription for $4.99 and yearly subscription for $29.99. The price tags on the Elite versions don’t seem too heavy once the additional features it offers are taken into consideration.

The Hotspot Shield for android VPN app is a simple, effective and reliable app that does what it says it’ll do. The free version lacks the finesse of its paid counterpart, which is why you are strongly advised to upgrade to the Elite version if you have little patience for hiccups.

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