Hottest Smartphones for Gaming

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Even a few years before, portable gaming was not that popular among normal people, even though there were some of those ‘portable’ gaming devices such as PSP! However, following dawn of Smartphone era, there has been such an awesome change in that scenario! Now, you can play almost every kind of game in your Smartphone. For instance, if you want to play free casino games for fun, you can get suitable applications for that, whereas you can bring some of those high-end graphics apps when you want to explore valleys of virtual adventurousness. However, one of notable factors to get the utmost gaming experience is the capability of your Smartphone. Therefore, to ensure quality of the gaming experience, you have to choose certain smartphones that give you the superb gaming experience in multiple aspects. Here, in this post, we will introduce some of such smartphones that are best for gaming to you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you use your Smartphone for not only managing your professional documents and other stuff but also to play your favorite games, you need not to think twice to grab Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which comes with a 5.7-inch, AMOLED, 1080p screen that can provide you unmatchable gaming experience. When we combine the Qualcomm chipset and RAM of 3GB, your gaming experience with Galaxy Note 3 will be exceptional indeed. We hope that better features of the screen, such as pixel density of 386ppi and size of 5.7 inch, will be a priceless gift to the serious gamer in you.

Apple iPhone 5S

Do you think we will miss this player from Apple Inc? Certainly, we will not, as the list will not be complete without it, as far as iOS lovers are concerned. If you love that collection of games in iTunes store, and want to experience those games without losing their crux, you can go with Apple iPhone 5S, which will provide you superb gaming experience along with latest version of iOS. When combined with iOS7, the 64-bit A7 processor will perform magic in such a way that you will say ‘wow’. Of course, this 4-incher, with 326ppi screen density, makes enough sense to be companion of yours for gaming.

Google Nexus 5

Have you ever found the gamer and Android developer in you together? If you have done so, Google Nexus 5, which is manufactured by LG, is the best to be your choice for hardcore gaming, as this Nexus-based device will let you see a world of complete gaming. Features such as 2.3GHz Qualcomm processor, 2GB RAM and the latest Android seem to be quite evident when we consider its nearly 5-inch screen and impressive performance, for both gaming and top-level multitasking. Thus, as we have mentioned above, LG Nexus 5 will be an awesome deal for that hardcore gaming lover in you!

Xperia Z1s

According to user experience and opinion, Xperia Z1s is supposedly an effective companion for on-the-go gaming, as we can observe that synchronization of both performance and graphics in this device. Along with screen of 442ppi, it is worth noting that the device has a Snapdragon 800 Chipset and Adreno GPU. When we combine these with 32GB internal storage, Xperia Z1 is a strong competitor for all high-end devices as well as game-specialists.

Which is your favorite among these gaming-expert smartphones? We are waiting to hear your comments!