Hoverboards banned in Britain, Being Seized by Police

Hoverboards Being Seized in Britain Due to Overheating Issues

The London police believe that at the moment, hoverboards can do more harm than good.

The popularity of hoverboards have been on a rapid rise lately and it would have been a first choice of gift for a lot of people this Christmas until authorities in England started to seize them.

It has been revealed that hoverboards are quite dangerous as they can overheat rather quickly if left on charge for too long. There is no fuse in the gadget, which means that the users have to unplug it as soon as it is fully charged. This of course is not as simple as it sounds.

90% of the hoverboards were bought online by the retailers with the intention of reselling them. However, that won’t be possible anymore because of police’s reaction to the issue in the gadget. National Trading Standards has also advised customers against purchasing hoverboards as it stated that “Consumers should not let a new fashion or craze cloud their judgment.”

London police said that as of October, hoverboards were allowed to be used on private properties only, but now that a large group of people have access to them, they’re being used all over the city.

In USA, New York has banned hoverboards from the state, whereas California has allowed their use, but only on bike paths.


Image Courtesy: telegraph.co.uk

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