How Facebook M is Aiming to Leave Other Virtual Assistants Behind

Being one of biggest social networking sites around, it was inevitable that Facebook will launch its very own personal assistant, and that is exactly what it did for its Messenger app. This newly revealed assistant is called Facebook M and just like most of the virtual assistants, it will assist the users in performing different tasks, like buying something or making a reservation. There will surely be other stuff that Facebook M will be able to carry out, but detail on those tasks is pretty scarce at the moment. Still not sure what Facebook M actually is and how it is different from other virtual assistants? Allow us to explain.

What is Facebook M?

Just like most of the virtual assistants, Facebook M is a tool that makes your life a bit easier by performing tasks that you ask of it. You can ask it to perform searches, open a certain site, make a reservation, etc. However, Facebook is looking to take a step further than other assistants as it is planning to implement artificial intelligence into their assistant. We haven’t seen the results of that with our eyes, but Facebook assures that things are looking up.

What’s New in Facebook M?

In the midst of some popular virtual assistants like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri, it would have been difficult for Facebook M to survive. The people at the tech giant understood this and are therefore trying to take an advantage by including a few new features in it. For example, if you need to contact customer support for your mobile phone, then obviously you will have to wait in queue until it’s your turn. Facebook M takes over from here and you can perform any tasks that need to be done with ease. Whenever they are ready to talk to you, M will notify you and you will be able to take over immediately.

Some assistants can provide with the listings of reservations, but in the end you will need to make the reservations yourself. However, with Facebook M’s AI feature, it is able to understand the given command and acts according to them. The users can just tell M to book a seat at a restaurant and it will be done in just a few seconds. This is just a start though. You can expect a lot more innovation and changes before Facebook M is made available to everyone.

Availability of Facebook M

Currently, Facebook M has been made available to a small group of people living in the bay area of San Francisco. However, as Facebook collects more data regarding the hotels and restaurants, it will make it available for other states as well. Facebook M is shaping up to be an assistant that people really wanted. If turns out to be as good as most of us are expecting, then the competitors will surely have to step up their game as well.


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