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A Begginer’s Guide to Making Money from Running a Blog

Blogging has become a trend nowadays, with people often creating them to express themselves and share their opinions on the craziness that can be found in abundance no matter which corner of the world you’ve living in. Now this is all well and good, but since you are spending a good chunk of your day, or perhaps week, on your blog, why not earn some money off it? There are a lot of bloggers out there that started only a few years ago and have now become big shots just because their invested substantial effort and time into it. You can be one of those people as well, but it will require effort and a great deal of commitment. Are you up for it? If that’s an affirmative, then continue reading to know how to make money from your blog.

1.   Create a Blog

The first thing you’ll need is, of course, a blog with a nice theme that captures the essence of the content you’re producing. When people visit your site, they don’t come to support you. Instead, they visit because there’s a piece of information there that they want. If they find your site easy to navigate and read, then they will most likely visit again. Now you have to ensure that theme you’ve selected is user-friendly. In order to ensure that your blog is defended against hackers, remember to install security plug-ins.

2.   Write Quality Content

After you’ve created a blog, you will need content, and this you will have to produce on your own. You have to come up with unique topics that resonate with your audience and you have to come up with a lot of them. You don’t necessarily have to fill your blog up with lots of posts. Just come up with a writing schedule and stick to it. Avoid leaving long gaps between posts as that can turn out to be a huge turn-off for your visitors. Furthermore, it’s always best to go for content that’s original, offering value, and targeting a specific niche. You need to be clear about your target audience, otherwise, you’ll end up misfiring in all directions while reaping little benefits. If you’re somewhat new to writing on the web, you can find some really good resources on the web that offer great tips to help you get started.

3.   Market Your Blog

You have a new blog, so it is very difficult to get into Google at this point, but there’s one thing you can do and that’s marketing. You should market your blog through multiple channels, but don’t spend too much on them. You can try social media marketing as it’s a major source of generating traffic in the modern day. Search engine optimization (SEO) is yet another great way to market your blog, though it’s somewhat technical and time-consuming. If you decide to outsource the SEO function to a specialist, make sure they aren’t deploying black hat techniques. The bottom line is that you won’t be able to get any kind of traffic unless you do some marketing, so this is something you will have to do in order to put you and your blog on the map.

4.   Get Ads

As soon as you start marketing, you’ll start to notice that people are looking at your blog and going through content you have written. Things might be looking up, but there would still be plenty of room for improvement. This is where you need to get ads. There are a lot of ways to put ads on the websites, but in the beginning, the best way to earn some money is through AdSense. It’s a tool provided by Google in which they put ads according to your site. More traffic on the site will result in more generated revenue for you. The revenue will not be much when you start, but you have to keep at it and market as much as you can. Soon, you will start to see rise in your traffic, and the amount of your cash inflow will also increase.

5.   Join an Affiliate Program

This is yet another great way to monetize your blog. Get in touch with companies that are looking to increase the visibility and sales of their products. Let them know that you’re interested in becoming an affiliate. If your request or proposal is approved, you’ll be given an affiliate link. Just share that link on your blog, preferably in a blog post that creates a desire for the linked product, and hope that a few visitors would use that link to purchase the target product. If that happens, you’ll get a percentage share of the sale. Again, this really depends on the amount of traffic that your blog is getting, which is why it’s really important to pay attention to marketing and SEO.

Do you have your own ideas on how to make money blogging? Why not share them with us and your fellow readers, eh?

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