How to Access Netflix outside US Using UnoTelly

I am sure that most of you know what Netflix is. For those who don’t, Netflix is a popular USA video streaming service. Netflix offers to their users the hottest movies and series available worldwide. It’s something like an online video rental store with the difference that with a small monthly fee you can have access to tons of content. But wait, Netflix is available only in US and blocked to the rest of the world. Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? Well, we found a great way to come around the geo-block and be able to have access to the major movie and series selection of Netflix. So here I am going to tell you how to access Netflix outside US.

The trick to watch Netflix is UnoTelly DNS service. In order to Access Netflix outside US you will need UnoTelly, which will make Netflix into thinking that you are from USA. I chose and recommend UnoTelly among many other free and paid services because I found it more stable than any other solution I tried, very fast and with a great customer support. Of course, there are few free services that will let you access Netflix but when it comes to quality and customer support, don’t except miracles…

The first step is to set up UnoTelly to your Device. UnoTelly costs $5/month but you can take an 8-day free trial first and try it. We will not describe here the set up process of UnoTelly because you can find step by step tutorials on their website.

After you are done with UnoTelly, You will need a US Netflix account. Netflix costs $7.99/month and again, there is one month free trial to try it first. To sign up for a Netflix account outside USA you have 2 options. You can do it either with creating a US PayPal account (you will need a US postcode for that, which you can easily find) or by using Virtual credit card by EntroPay. Both ways are easy to do and you can find a full tutorial here.

If you have followed all those steps you are ready to roll! Now you have access to tons of series and movies you can watch on your PC, TV, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Xbox360 and many more devices Netflix and UnoTelly supports. Enjoy!

Total cost:
Netflix: $7.99 / Month
UnoTelly: $4.95 / Month