How to Add and Remove Home Screens on Android

Android phones offers a large number of interesting features, one being the option to keep more than one home screen at a time. The good thing is that you can keep selective applications and folders on each home screen. Adding and removing a home screen is very simple process that requires less than a minute. Here’s a tutorial on how to quickly add and remove home screens on Android phones.

  1. First thing first, bring up the home screen. You can quickly jump to it by simply pressing the home button of your device.

  1. Now place both your fingers on the screen and squeeze them towards each other. It will open a new menu showing all the current home screens along with a “+” sign. Press the “+” sign to add new home screen.

  1. Press the “+” button again to add more home screens. You can add as many screens as you want by pressing the “+” sign.

  1. The method of removing an existing home screen is also similar. Simply go to the home screen and squeeze the fingers to bring up the add/remove home screen menu Press the home screen you want to remove and move it towards the remove icon.

Note: The screens shown above may vary depending on the Android phone you are using.

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