How To Add Music On Your Orkut Profile

Orkut is one of the most visited social network in India. With the release of the new orkut we are able to share more features in our scraps,testimonials and our status. Many of us like to listen to music and other stuffs. But adding Music To Your Orkut profile has been one of the biggest mysteries Till now. Here In this blog I will teach you how to add Music on your profile or your about me section so that whoever visits your profile can listen to the song u selected. Just follow the steps given below correctly.

Step 1 :

First of all you need to get a working  .mp3 link of the song you want to add in your profile.

For example :

For that you can use the given site to search for your required songs. For Hindi , Malayalam ,Telugu , Tamil For English For Hindi For English

Step 2 :

Now take If You are using new orkut switch to older version of orkut as given below.

Step 3 :

Now take the scrap book of your orkut (old orkut).


Step 4 :

Copy the below Html code and Paste it into your old Orkut Scrapbook

Step 5 :

Replace the stars ******* with your mp3 link.

After Replacing stars with mp3 link & click preview

Dont add any space after .mp3 and = sign
example: file=

Now Click On Preview.

Step 6 :

If You can hear the song playing in the preview
then select and copy ~.* from the preview.

Step 7 :

Switch To New Orkut .

Step 8 :

Go To Your New Orkut Profile and Paste the ~.* in your ‘About me’ box.

Imp : Only paste it in your new orkut profile not inside Old Orkut about me
PS : Try Not To Remove The ~ , * From About Me
Its will look lil annoying But It will help u to delete the song when u are bored 😛

Click Me to view a Sample music Profile

The Trick works Fine In Mozilla FireFox
Internet Explorer & Chrome users May Face lil Problems ..

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